What we do:

We remove existing lawns and install artificial grass (turf) or plant drought resistant succulents.

Financially and Environmentally Friendly

Are you tired of mowing your lawn every week? Are you done wasting water to try to keep your lawn green? Check out our wide variety of turf replacements we have available. We have what you need!


Our work is guaranteed

The manufacturer endeavors to use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in the production of Synthetic Turf. The manufacturer guarantees its synthetic turf products against defects in material or workmanship, resulting in premature wear, during ordinary and normal use of the product(s) within 10 years.*


Pet Friendly!

Your furry little family members will love kicking back and relaxing on our cool comfortable turf. You can see Django here approves of his new turf playground!


*This guarantee shall not cover any defect, failure or damage in or to the Synthetic Turf, which is: (a) subject to abuse, misuse, negligence; (b) installed, repaired, altered or replaced by any person other than a qualified installer; (c) damaged, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, on account of, accident, vandalism, machinery, spiked shoes, animals, misuse, fire, flood, chemical reactions, acts of God, static or dynamic loads exceeding the manufacturers specifications at time of installation, improper or faulty subsurface preparation, failure of the subsurface after the installation including settling of the surface, and the use of dry cleaning fluids or improper cleaning methods; (d) exposed to light other than natural or approved light.